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We offer the ability here to subscribe to South East Biker magazine. Whilst the magazine is free we have not managed to talk the Royal Mail into posting it for free and so we charge only £9 for a WHOLE YEAR. This means that each of the editions will be enveloped and posted to your address when they are ready. You can pay by Paypal

What else can you get for £9 ??????

  • Here is a list of alternative things you could buy for your £9:
  • 1 pint of lager and a packet of crisps in London
  • A Gallon and a half of Petrol
  • A Kawasaki ZXR400 Clutch Level Bracket Clamp
  • Ducati Mug
  • Rubbers to go on your foot pegs

Is it too obvious that we like ebay...... Anyway you can either buy some of the rubbish above OR a YEAR'S Edition of South East Biker posted to your doorstep........