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MAG encourages all bikers to ride to work

The third week of June is national Ride to Work week, which is run by the Motorcycle Industry Association and calls on all riders to try commuting to work on their bikes.  MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, is encouraging leisure riders to grasp the opportunity and support the initiative to #CommuteHappy.

The reality in the UK is that many riders reserve their riding for days off work.  Motorcycling is a fun, fulfilling hobby, but many riders then miss out on the benefits that their hobby could bring to their daily commute.  You are likely to significantly reduce your journey time, save money, and arrive far less stressed than your non-riding colleagues.

Perhaps more importantly, by riding your motorcycle to work you will be helping to reduce congestion for all road users and playing a significant role in reducing air pollution.  Studies show that a 10% modal shift from single occupancy cars to powered two wheelers will yield a 40% reduction in congestion for all road users and a 6% reduction in overall emissions.  These are benefits that all road users reap from us extending our passion and hobby into a regular transport option.

Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, comments “There are many reasons why motorcycles are not the first choice for some of us when it comes to commuting.  Ride to Work Week gives us an opportunity to explore those barriers and see how we can help to make motorcycling a natural choice for more people.  Whether it be concerns over safety, security, convenience, or anything else, give it some thought and let us know the issues that put you off.  We all love riding our bikes, so let’s do more of it and save the planet at the same time!”

If you can only make it onto your bike for one day during the week, make it Thursday.  Colin points out: “Thursday 21st June is also Clean Air Day.  A typical 125cc commuter bike emits virtually no emissions, and the reduction in congestion will also help reduce secondary pollution from other vehicles on the road.  Riding to work on a scooter or motorcycle will greatly reduce your exposure to particulate matter in comparison with taking the tube in London.   If you want to go clean, get on your motorbike and #CommuteHappy”

MAG will be running polls and asking for feedback throughout the week on social media, and asks all riders and potential riders to let us know their thoughts, and to share their experiences and ideas for ways to encourage more road users to switch to powered two wheelers.

Find out more about the MCIA campaign at:

Let us know your opinions and ideas at:



Following two successful years, Michelin has once again teamed up with Rymer Racing to bring the 2018 Michelin Power Days to five top British circuits. Michelin Power Days are hosted by racing hero and twice World Endurance Champion, Terry Rymer. Special guests are also due to attend with the likes of Steve Parrish, Chris Walker and Gary Mason on track at previous events.

Riders are invited to join the action at the unbeatable price of just £49 when they purchase a set of Michelin Power Cup Evo, Michelin Power Slick Evo, Michelin Power Rain, Michelin Power RS or the NEW Michelin Road 5 in 2018 from participating dealers.

Circuits include the fantastic Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire, Knockhill in Scotland and Bishopscourt in Northern Ireland. This year the team will also return to Snetterton and for the first time include the brilliant and picturesque Anglesey Circuit in North Wales in the line-up.

New for 2018, Michelin Power Days will stage a complete take-over of each track, with EXCLUSIVE hire at all events meaning a more intimate and personal experience, along with the chance for more participants to claim one of the 600 places available.

Michelin Power Days are designed to welcome all riders. Whether a track-day hero or a complete novice, the team at Rymer Racing have a wealth of experience to accommodate all needs and requirements with tuition available in the classroom and on the track.

Riders will be allocated one of three groups either Novice/Road 5, Intermediate or Fast – each with equal track time and expert tuition from seasoned instructors. The day will include 120 minutes of track time along with tyre technical workshops and track day tuition from Terry himself. Refreshments are included and riders will also take home a photo and limited edition t-shirt and mug.

Michelin’s new sports touring tyre, the Michelin Road 5 will make its debut at the event this year. This all-round tyre is new for 2018 and promises to offer riders all they could want on both road and track.

Michelin Power Days 2018 will begin on 22nd May at Snetterton, the home of the British Superbike Championship and on to the ever-popular Knockhill Circuit in Scotland on 21st June, followed by Bishopscourt Circuit in Northern Ireland on 24th June. Cadwell Park is up next on 11th July followed by the stunning scenery of Angelsey in North Wales on 3rd August.

Places are subject to availability and are certain to sell out quickly. To find your nearest participating Michelin Power Days dealer and book your place visit



London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s new transport strategy ignores the benefits of powered two wheelers and in doing so puts riders’ lives at greater risk


Following a public consultation on the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, Transport for London (TfL) has decided to ignore the benefits of using powered two wheelers (PTWs). In doing so, it has placed the safety of hundreds of thousands of regular motorcycle and scooter riders at risk by disregarding calls to properly include them in London’s transport strategy.


In its war on motorised transport, TfL is lumping commuter motorcycles and scooters in with cars, taxis and construction traffic, despite the fact that PTWs significantly reduce congestion in the capital, take up less road space and are far less damaging to air quality.


Before Mr Khan was elected, he told rider groups and industry that: ‘It is absolutely right for us to enable PTWs to play their part in delivering a less congested road network’.  


Since being elected, the Mayor has failed to translate that promise into his transport strategy. This will result in more misery for London commuters and other road users. Whether the Mayor likes it or not, motorised road transport will continue to be necessary for the day to day functioning of one of the world’s largest cities.


With an ideological approach towards cycling, he has reduced lane widths on several major routes making it difficult and more dangerous for PTWs to filter.  He has thus far failed to orchestrate a consistent policy on bus lane access for riders and will not recognise that most small PTWs, of any age, already meet the ultra-low emission criteria and in turn support their use accordingly.


The Motorcycle Industry Association believes that congestion, air quality and rider safety can only be improved if the needs of this vulnerable user group are factored into road planning and transport strategy, in the way cycling is.  This proposition is supported in an industry whitepaper.


CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Tony Campbell, says:  


“The Mayor clearly has his own agenda around motorcycles and scooters, which was not made clear to the riders who elected him following his promise to champion their contribution to reducing London’s congestion.


“At a recent meeting with the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA), the Mayor said that he agreed PTWs had an important part to play. In doing so he also agreed to review his Transport Strategy, taking into account the feedback he had received during the consultation period. To quote Mr Khan: “I have read through the industry’s response to my Transport Policy Document and can say I agree with most of what you are saying, not all but most”.


“Given this statement, it is more than disappointing that the Mayor has decided to yet again ignore what is clear common sense for transport policy.


“The MCIA strongly urges the Mayor to take another look at his plans to not only fulfil his pre-election commitment to riders and London voters, but also to honour his words at the recent meeting with Industry.”


Zero Motorcycles announces learner friendly 11kW Zero DS ZF14.4

New model offers extended battery range and can be ridden by riders on provisional motorcycle licence

Zero Motorcycles, the global electric motorcycle sales and innovation leader, today announced the release of a longer range 11 kW Zero DS. The new model is designed for dual sport oriented riders whose licences limit their motorcycle options to 125cc or less. The 11kW Zero DS can be ridden by riders with a full A1 motorcycle licence, or by learners who have passed their compulsory basic training (CBT).
With twice the battery capacity of the DS ZF7.2 version, the 11kW Zero DS ZF14.4 gives riders the ability to ride up to 163 miles in the city or 78 highway miles on one charge. A Power Tank accessory can be added to increase those figures to 203 city miles or 97 miles on the open road.
Zero’s line of 11kW motorcycles also includes the street oriented Zero S and offer the best overall ride experience in its class. The electric motorcycles are easy to ride thanks to 109 Nm (80 ft/lb) of seamless torque that’s mated to a twist and go transmission that eliminates the need for a clutch or gear shifting. In addition, performance can be customized using Zero’s mobile app to fit the needs and experience levels of a diverse range of riders.
“The longer range 11kW Zero DS meets a growing demand from Europeans who carry standard car, or A1 motorcycle, licences and seek an exciting, new, dual sport experience,” said Umberto Uccelli, managing director at Zero Motorcycles Europe. “With twice the battery and fast charge options, the range and recharge capabilities of this new model will transform the daily transportation of a growing number of drivers and riders into a pure, powerful, and effortless, experience.” 

The 11kW Zero DS ZF14.4 is eligible for the UK Government's Office for Low Emissions Vehicles grant of £1500 and costs £12,190 after the subsidy.

For more details about Zero’s 2018 line or to see the new motorcycles at a dealer near you, visit
About Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles is the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains. Designed and crafted by hand in California, Zero motorcycles combine Silicon Valley tech with traditional motorcycle soul to elevate the motorcycling experience for intelligent, innovative, riders around the world.


News from MAG

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is contacting police in the areas most badly affected by last year’s outbreak of hooliganism on the evening of Halloween, to ensure that the motorcycling community is clearly distanced from any lawless behaviour by thugs on two wheels on Halloween night.
MAG has praised the efforts of the police to try to curb the hooligan behaviour of the thugs who created disorder on 31st October 2016 and Selina Lavender, the Chair of MAG, is encouraging members and the biking community to report such behaviour:  ‘We need to show that legitimate riders do not support these hooligan activities - by providing information about the perpetrators of any crime, reporting what we see and demonstrating that the legitimate riding community does not take part in these activities.’

Selina is determined to make sure that genuine bikers ‘aren’t dragged down by the stupidity of those who think it’s acceptable to disrupt an evening which is primarily intended for children to enjoy themselves. It’s wrong for the safety and confidence of youngsters to be compromised by lawless idiots, often on stolen bikes, who have no regard for the communities they upset.  If there is any trouble, the police and local councils can be assured of our full support on the evening of Halloween and after it.  We are on the side of the affected communities and are disgusted by the actions of these thugs.  We know that all genuine riders are too.  If there’s the slightest sign of a repeat of last year, I think it’s fair to say the hooligans aren’t going to have it their way in 2017: they can run but they can’t hide.’

MAG is already assisting local councils in gaining an understanding of the need to supply more secure parking facilities.  Riders’ representatives are assisting Council officers with the difficult decision to invest in supplying anchors and rails, which makes it harder for the criminals to steal machines.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that some youths are already ‘riding scooters like maniacs in Birmingham wearing Halloween masks.’  Please contact your local police force and give your support to their important work on Halloween and share what you know about any threats to the peace.  It means a lot to MAG for the local communities we are part of to know we’re on their side.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or

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