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The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) Foundation has recently signed up to 
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So if you care about your right to ride, you can help every time you buy 
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Please sign up for the AmazonSmile service and help raise money for the 
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Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or


200mph on one wheel!!

The Straightliners Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship took place over the weekend (18 & 19 Aug. 2018) at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England. 
The competitor who completes a full kilometre wheelie the fastest is the winner - usually over 200MPH.  Thirty five top competitors from the Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, USA and of course the UK were competing for the world title. Success depends almost exclusively on the rider’s high-level skill, which is used to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle. This is no mean feat as some of these retro fitted machines are the most powerful in the world.

The competitors ride very powerful customised motorbikes with some rated at 450 horsepower if turbo charged viewed by thousands of spectators. The winner and world record holder will be the fastest to complete a kilometre in the wheelie position. Success depends on the rider’s high level skill to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle as no electronic or mechanical aids can be used.

The 2018 winner of the Straightliners Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship which took place over the weekend (18 & 19 Aug. 2018) at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England was Cecil 'Bubba' Myers, Minneapolis, USA. who did 206.658MPH wheelie over a kilometre. Cecil is a 44 year old father of four and a self employed mechanic. 


Triumph Motorcycles will be auctioning two unique experiences at the 2018 British MotoGP™ on  Thursday 23rd August 2018 as part of the annual ‘Day of Champions’ charity auction.



The two prizes will give the lucky winners an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the British manufacturer and its motorcycles.


The top prize winner will join Triumph on a Global press launch of a new motorcycle hosted in southern Europe. All expenses on the trip will be covered and the winner will be among the first in the world, and the only member of the general public to ride the exciting new model.


Triumph is also offering another unique opportunity for a winning bidder and nine of their friends to have a private all-access tour at the Hinckley factory and time with the official Triumph design team.


The auction, which will take place at 3pm on Thursday 23rd August, will raise funds to support the work of Riders for Health International and African programmes that ensure life-saving healthcare gets to rural communities using well-maintained motorcycles.


Hosted by Two Wheels for Life, Day of Champions is a fun day out for the whole family with entertainment throughout the day, including live music and stunt displays. A limited number of exclusive paddock and pit lane tickets will give lucky holders the chance to experience behind the scenes of MotoGP™ as riders and teams prepare for the race weekend ahead.


Motorcyclists who are planning to arrive by bike can also take part in the famous Day of Champions ride-in, which includes two laps of the world-famous Silverstone circuit.


Paul Lilly, General Manager, Triumph Motorcycles UK & Ireland, said: “Triumph is incredibly excited for the British MotoGP at Silverstone later this month. We have some of the most unique and exclusives prizes up for grabs and look forward to a lucky Triumph fan winning them at the ‘Riders for Life’ charity auction.”


MotoGP fans who attend the British GP at Silverstone on Sunday 26th August will also get to see the brand new Triumph Moto2 bike taken on its maiden public parade lap, ridden by former World Superbike Champion James Toseland.


To find out more and book tickets, please visit -   


Ventura get two Dukes in the bag

Ventura has added two very different Ducatis to its fitment list - the 1100 Panigale V4 superbike and retro Scrambler 1100 - the versatile Bike Pack System offering a simple luggage solution for both bikes.

Although poles apart in style and design, the Panigale and Scrambler share the same limited luggage carrying capability - their minimalist rear-ends offering little option for mounting soft bags or hard cases.

Light, stable and versatile, Ventura’s Bike Pack System combines the best features of hard and soft luggage, to add serious carrying capability without excess weight, width or bulky and unsightly racking systems. The Bike Pack system consists of just three elements: L-Brackets, Pack-Rack and Pack:  
  1. The discreet L-Brackets are tailor made for each machine and attach to existing mounting points on the sub-frame.
  2. The Pack-Rack slots into the L-Brackets, offering a stable and secure platform for the luggage.
  3. The Pack, which simply slides onto the Rack and clips into place
The unique mounting system ensures the load won’t shift, even during hard riding. It can be carried directly behind the rider close to the bike’s centre of gravity, and quickly re-positioned behind the pillion seat when a passenger is on-board. Both options carry the pack well clear of exhausts and the rear wheel.  

Riders can choose from a range of 11 different packs, from a small 10-litre bag to a whopping 63-litre design, to suit all types of trip. When luggage is not required, both Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a pillion Grab Handle.

L-Brackets for the 1100 Panigale V4 and Scrambler 1100 retail for £125.00 and prices for the Pack-Rack start at £77.99. Both the 22-litre EVO Pack and 51-litre Aero Spada Pack (shown in images) cost £129.99 (all including VAT).

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options, call 01256 704909 or visit
When luggage isn't required, the rack can be replaced with a Grab Handle.


The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is appealing to all riders to complete an important transport survey – one which could help protect your right to ride.

MAG’s Chair, Selina Lavender, says: ‘'It's important that riders’ voices are heard and completing transport surveys such as this one can be an easy way to do that. Fair Fuel UK are keen to hear from more riders and have asked if we can highlight the survey which we are happy to. It will take about ten minutes of your time to complete. Whether you ride 500 miles or 50,000 miles a year - and whether you have an interest in politics or not - we'd all like our fuel to be fairly priced.'

The survey can be found by following this link:

If too few bikers respond, it will make us look like we don’t care about what happens to us. This is a very good opportunity to be heard by Government. The results will also be shared with journalists and we need to make sure we’re noticed.’

Please fill in the survey and get your friends to do it as well. Just share the link. It’s easy to complete – and it’s really important. Your responses should be in by Monday, 20th August 2018.

The survey covers road surface issues, congestion, emissions taxes and the danger of taxing older motorcycles because of the tiny emissions they create. It mainly requires single click answers, with very few typed responses. The findings will be shown to every MP, all transport media and relevant ministers - including the Prime Minister.

Thanks again for doing this survey.

Protect your right to ride TODAY: please do this survey NOW.

Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or