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Triumph Adventure Experience 2019 riding dates announced


Triumph Motorcycles has announced dates for its 2019 riding courses at the Triumph Adventure Experience.


Located in South Wales, the centre caters for all abilities and offers a whole range of immersive and fun riding experiences for riders to build or enhance their off-road capability and skills.


The courses will run from April through to the end of October 2019 and includes the following experiences:


  • Triumph Tiger Adventure Experience Day (£299)
  • Two day Triumph Level 1 Off-road Motorcycle Training Experience (£499)
  • Triumph Scrambler Experience Day (£299)
  • Two day Gravel Tours Off-road Experience (£649)
  • Two day Triumph Level 2 Off-Road Motorcycle Training Experience (£499)
  • Triumph Ladies’ Day Off-Road Motorcycle Training Experience (£299)


To book a course or to purchase a voucher for the Triumph Adventure Experience, visit -


KOVIX motorcycle security beats bike thieves


Bike thieves attempting to steal a scooter in Hull were foiled thanks to a KOVIX alarmed chain lock, which resisted attacks from three different heavy duty cutting tools.

Starting with a blow torch, the thieves tried to breach the cast steel lock casing. When that failed, they took an angle grinder to one of the 10mm chain links, without success. Finally they resorted to bolt-croppers, but these merely dented the chain link, without making a serious impression.

Incredibly the 120db alarm still worked after the onslaught and the owner was so impressed that he returned to the shop where he purchased the lock to buy a replacement.

The Metropolitan Police advise riders to use two or more security devices to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of bike theft and, by combining a deafening alarm siren with a high specification lock & chain, the KOVIX KCL10-150 is a formidable double-act.

Its 1.5M long hexagonal chain has 10 mm diameter hardened steel links, which are highly resistant to cutting and sawing, and the lock mechanism has a stainless steel case and key barrel, with a hardened steel lock pin, so it is equally tough and durable. The 120db alarm has shock and movement sensors and is powered by a long-life lithium battery.

KOVIX design and manufacture a wide range of intelligent security products in their own factory, giving them total control over specification and quality. Prices start at just £19.99 for a mini disc lock; the 1.5M alarmed chain lock is £124.99 including vat.

For more information contact The Key Collection 0117 971 9200 or visit
Click on images for print quality version. 
The alarm unit still functioned, even after being attacked with a blow-torch
An angle-grinder failed to cut through the chain links
Bolt-croppers proved ineffective

The new MICHELIN Anakee Adventure to feature at EICMA Motorcycle Show (November 6-11) on a BMW R 1250 GS ahead of its January launch


The new MICHELIN Anakee Adventure, which is due to go on sale in January 2019, has been type approved for fitment to the BMW R 1250 GS. The move sees BMW Motorrad and Michelin, both world-renowned brands acclaimed for their expertise and exacting standards reinforce their collaboration in a spirit of mutual confidence. 

The new MICHELIN Anakee Adventure joins the French firm’s Trail range alongside the existing MICHELIN Road 5 Trail (for 100% road use) and MICHELIN Anakee Wild (50% road/50% off-road). This latest addition to the range, which is designed for 80% road use and 20% track/trail use, means it now covers an even wider spectrum of trail riders’ needs depending on how frequently they take their motorcycle off-road.

The MICHELIN Anakee Adventure stands out notably for its exceptional grip on wet roads, which is due to its new generation silica-enhanced compound. It also combines outstanding performance in dry weather with stability and resistance to wear thanks to two Michelin-patented technologies: MICHELIN Dual Compound 2CT and MICHELIN Dual Compound 2CT+.

Meanwhile, its new, open tread pattern provides the necessary traction when straying onto unsealed tracks and trails.

Matthew Ye, Senior Vice President Worldwide, Michelin 2Wheel Business Line, commented: “Our partnership with BMW Motorrad dates back to 2005 when we initially equipped the iconic BMW GS series. The new MICHELIN Anakee Adventure is designed to address the needs of those BMW Motorrad customers who essentially use their adventure bike on ordinary roads but who occasionally like to indulge in a little off-roading.”

Full details of the Michelin tyre range are available at


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200mph on one wheel!!

The Straightliners Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship took place over the weekend (18 & 19 Aug. 2018) at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England. 
The competitor who completes a full kilometre wheelie the fastest is the winner - usually over 200MPH.  Thirty five top competitors from the Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, USA and of course the UK were competing for the world title. Success depends almost exclusively on the rider’s high-level skill, which is used to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle. This is no mean feat as some of these retro fitted machines are the most powerful in the world.

The competitors ride very powerful customised motorbikes with some rated at 450 horsepower if turbo charged viewed by thousands of spectators. The winner and world record holder will be the fastest to complete a kilometre in the wheelie position. Success depends on the rider’s high level skill to control the speed and balance of the motorcycle as no electronic or mechanical aids can be used.

The 2018 winner of the Straightliners Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship which took place over the weekend (18 & 19 Aug. 2018) at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire, England was Cecil 'Bubba' Myers, Minneapolis, USA. who did 206.658MPH wheelie over a kilometre. Cecil is a 44 year old father of four and a self employed mechanic.