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PRODUCT NEWS - Fodsports M1-S PRO Bluetooth stereo headset


Manny Fry gets connected….

The M1-S PRO is a great little communication unit that retails for around £76.99 on Amazon. The M1-S is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version.  If used in a large group, it has the ability to pair with 8 riders at a distance of 2000M altogether, but between riders it ranges to about 500m on a straight. If the distance between the riders is too far apart, the unit will reconnect automatically. If greater than 5 minutes apart you may need to push the button to reconnect, but I found that I didn’t have to do this as it automatically reconnected after about 30-40 seconds of being within the 500m distance.

First impressions were good, it pairs easily and effortlessly with my phone and also while trying to sync with other communication units of different makes.  It has full phone capabilities so when on a ride if any important calls come through, depending on the quality of your helmet, you can receive and make calls easily while riding even with a very loud engine. This means you can’t dodge the phone call due to ’poor sound quality’ when your ride to the store for milk has lasted for hours because calls sound really clear with this unit.

This is due to the microphone having a CSR chip that decreases the amount of ambient noise such as wind and engine noise while communicating. The chip helps increase the quality of the Bluetooth at a decreased cost so it is friendlier on your budget without compromising the sound quality. I have had trouble in the past with the amount of sound other comms units let in while trying to talk to activate voice commands.  While putting the M1-S through its paces I found that the only thing I could hear was the actual voices of the other riders and some engine noise in the background on occasion. I couldn’t hear the annoying sounds that can put other riders off of using the comms capability, like when it sounds like Darth Vader is breathing into your speakers.

My first impressions are that it has a fantastic sound quality compared to other headsets I have tried at the same retail price point. The bass and the high tones sound great and well blended in both ears thanks to the 30mm speakers. So when listening to music you can actually sing the proper lyrics instead of the made up ones because you can’t hear the song properly. The volume controls are easy to find with both thin spring and thick winter gloves on and respond best to pressing them slowly. However if you are overly excitable like myself, and are too quick on the volume ‘up’ button the device will pause the music. This is not a problem as you can simply hit the volume up twice but admittedly that took me by surprise the first time I was trying to increase the volume and it stopped playing.

I have trialled the M1-S through rain and wind and it acted like it did in dry conditions. All phone calls and comms were steady and strong and it has a long 900 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery life of about 20 hours working time and 3 hours charging time.

When I tested it riding pillion, it worked really well except when the rider and myself had our visors open in town and it was definitely letting in more engine noise as we were both together it sounded a bit more muffled. However this wasn’t off putting as the microphone was still able to filter the conversation easily enough and he could still hear me singing dope 80’s tunes to him while we rode.

Negatives, the rubber piece that covers the charging and wiring ports fell out fairly easily. Although the unit itself is waterproof, I would suggest the makers at FODSPORTS find a way to connect that protective piece to the device better as that would be really helpful and guarantee that water won’t get in the ports.

In summary I am quite impressed with Fodsports for making this stellar comms unit.  You can get great sound quality for a lower cost and spend that money on more toys for your bike, like that loud exhaust you always wanted.  I have recommended it to fellow bikers who were looking for a solid unit but easier on budget. Although some riders may prefer a communication system that reaches longer than 500m between riders, I don’t need this as I stay fairly close to the other riders and even when I lost them around some bends it picks the communication back up easily so they can hear me singing in their ears all day! Lucky them!

We would like to thank the makers at Fodsports for letting me trial the M1-S.

Available here through Amazon