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Paris - Casablanca scooter ride completed in 50 days

French adventure bloggers Lisa and Clemence have arrived in Casablanca 50 days after leaving Paris on their 125cc Peugeot Django scooters, having ridden a total of 3665 km, travelling through 27 cities.

Their route took them through the brandy-producing region of Cognac and the vineyards of Bordeaux in the South of France, then through Arcachon, Mimizan and Biarritz and across the Pyrenees mountains into Spain.

After reaching the capital, Madrid, Clemence and Lisa visited the beautiful cities of Manzanares, La Carolina, Jaen, Motril and Grenada, under the Andalusian sun.  After a short stop in Malaga, the ladies arrived in Algeciras, where they crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Morocco.

Following a 'pit stop' for mint tea in Tangier, they started the last leg of their journey, riding along the Atlantic coast to Rabat and finally Casablanca, where they visited the Hassan II mosque, with the highest minaret in Morocco, to mark the end of their journey.

They were greeted in the city by the Miss Moto Moroccan Association - a group of women bikers, who rode with them for several miles.

Having reached their destination within the target of 50 days, Clemence and Lisa decided to continue their adventures and headed for Marrakech, where they arrived on 28th of June.

You can follow their Django Adventure via the dedicated blog at, with links to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Full specifications and details of the Pgueot Django scooter can be found at